Friday, June 10, 2011

Just sharing thought

I really don't remember when was the last time I write in this blog, sharing things with you. Perhaps my cliche excuse is limited time (I don't really have time to write, duhh, that is really lame excuse), but the real thing is I'm draining out energy and drive.

There are a lots of things happen concerning the world: the environment, the political issue, the mass movement in Arabic peninsular, global warming, the next lunar eclipse, next and coming election, and of course concerning my own universe; but sadly, I still can't write.

Now I learn that, you yourself can change routine and habits, not to mention what you actually believe that you can't do, but definitely you can. It is very simple to change, and surprisingly, you will have the energy and drive to complete the tasks and change your lifestyles.

It is simple. You just only need to re-defined priority and set your goal.

When you have done that, you will find that your body is full with the energy you need.

Then, your body, physical, mind, soul will respond to it. Without knowing how, you be able to complete tasks and succeed.

I never know it is easy to change things, until today. As simple as by setting priority and goal. But, of course you need to mean it. As I'm still not that good, I need extra motivation to wake me up.

I think I find one, insyaAllah, I hope at the end all ends well.

Need to change? Just re-defined your priority, InsyaAllah, with His mercy, He will grant you with the energy and drive to succeed.

Let do it together. Chaiyyok.

(see, I already write a new entry).


Cikli said...

i too have to redefine my priority. my blog gets (robs) too much of my attention/time lately.

Harith said...

Please, do write more. I love each and every details that you put inside your entries. Giving me the chance to extract and visualise the contents for me to reflect upon myself. Although I know you are much more older than me, more experienced, know the world a lot more better, the least I can get is to think, what kind of person am I going to be in the near future. What's my first step to achieve it.

Jazakallahulkhairan, for your beautiful entries. It inspired me a lot. Mind my English, hehe. I wish I can write like you.