Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Secret of Friendship

I think a lot, what is friendship is all about. Is it our spause and companion? Sometimes we can't even understand them, yet alone to be our friend.

I see friendship emerge in just simple gesture, a smile. But of course a sincere smile. And grow in large scale when we can have conversation.

But nowadays, where we can get all the sincere smile? People will ask, "how you know they are sincere or not? Sincerity lies in the heart, you can't examine it, yet to measure it".

I will differ. Yes, you can identify it. You only need to be sincere yourself.

In Malay we called it as, "hanya jauhari yang mengenal manikam", but I do not know to translate it in English, quite lost in translation.

I made my day, when I see you smile. Yet, in this world of tribulation, wars, sectarian, division, doubt and hatred, there will be a lot of people hoping this world one day will embrace humility and justice.

Smile, because that is the only curve that can make a straight line simply, the same curve.

Friday, March 9, 2012

The Scholar

My encountered with INH might not been coincident. It must be destined. I know him back then on 2007, when I got email inform that "a scholar is coming to Malaysia and we invited you to the talk".

It was a festive weeks, Eidul Adha to be pricise. It is almost impossible for me to go out just to hear 2 hours talk from somebody I never heard of. But immediately when I read that email, it hit my mind for hours and there was an urge feeling just to be there. But I don't have any friend to accompany me. So I decided to go and if I met somebody that want to go to the same talk I will be in.

I'm at Island and Peninsular shop lots (where the talk will be held specifically at IIS), and circle around hesistate to go upstairs. I can't see anyone coming so I decided to go home. When I turn around suddenly a sister approaching me and ask "excuse me, do you know where is IIS?" I smiled and offer myself "let me bring you there". And so it is.

I met INH at first time, aghast when listening to his lecture. A lot of things that I don't understand. He kept referring to his book Jurussalem in the Quran. Then I know that I need to read before coming to that lecture.

But that few hours make me awake for the rest of these years. It 2012 already and I still reading and contemplating. He is here in Malaysia. Last week he made a lecture at PJ and Shah Alam. At the end of this month he will again lecture at UIA insyaAllah.

I'm not his fan, but fan of his methodology. He is consistently saying that "don't take my opinion as true unless you convinced". How to have conviction, do your own study and analysis. Make reasoning and make your own conclusion.

This is a real intellectual discourse. I'm a fan of logic and reasoning. INH is the scholar that promote this method. That is why people regardless from any mazhab will open to his lecture.