Monday, May 4, 2009


Wolverine is the most anticipated Marvel comic character for X-Men series. To be frank, I'm not X-Men comic fan, but of course as the story on the big screen is too alluring, it to hard to resist.
Back in the year 2000, when X-Men first movie with action pact steal my intention (at that particular time I still don't have budget to watch it at cinema). And of course, who can resist Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine? It is almost like, love at the first sight. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine make the experience watching comic characters as not comic at all. Almost as realistic as it can be. Huh, exaggerating.
Then, 2009 comes again, the X-Men Origin: Wolverine. Oh, what else I wanna expect on the big screen. But, unfortunate for us, as we arrived late we only have two seat not in primary cinema, but another small cinema which make the experience a lil big shacky. My bro, it he not remind me about the facilities (not that confortable at all) and the screen which is slightly small, without THX effect, maybe I will accept this is a good movie. But, because of his big mouth, before the show started and he complain this and that, make Hugh Jackman as Wolverine like Kate & Leopold. Sorry! The cinema got to be blame.

Overall, it is an action pact movie. The puzzle that connect Wolverine to the later X-Men movies (1, 2 and Reunited). A lot of character to digest this time. Sabretooth, Deadpool, Gambit, Stryker Cyclops and many more, but believe me, find a good cinema and watch. There is nothing to complain.

Yeah, of course, if I'm a Wolverine, I might end up as the most intelligent character ever because I can live up live hundreds of year. Of course, I will not became an army like Wolverine, I will end up as a scholar. Hehe, sound boring. But, Wolverine is Wolverine. The adamantium which is install in his skeleton is undestructable. That make Wolverine as the perfect army. Plus, hey, Wolverine is Hugh Jackman duh, that's make he is unforgetable.

Well, I just don't wanna spoil the mood, the movie still on. To much of the stories, less surprise right.

To my brother, next time don't start to complain, or I really felt like watching at corridor, duh!