Thursday, December 6, 2012

Best friends?

++ I’m thinking whether we actually can have best friends ever in this life?

>> You must define first, the criteria of best friend?

++ Well, let me put it in very simple sentences. Always be there, willing to listen, listen sincerely, warm welcome, accept who you are, advise when you’re wrong, helping hand, share things if not everything, always have you in mind, pray for goodness and happiness, wellbeing, support what you do, believe in you, trustworthy, cherish the same value, encourage each other, have time, understanding, don’t break promises, love you.

>> Gosh, that too ideal! Don’t you think so?

++ Too much of asking?

>> Definitely dear. I’ll ask you one question.

++ Try me.

>> Do you have all criteria inside you?

++ Why?

>> Like attracts like. If you want that kind of best friend, you must have those qualities inside. Then you will attract like kind.

++ Then I don’t have any solution?

>> I think I can provide with you one. Listen to yourself, deep inside you. There are voices that always accompany you. Hear the voice, be friend with it. Definitely, that can be your best friend, at least suit with one of your long listing criteria which is-always be there.