Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Alangkah Lucunya (Negeri Ini) (ALNI)- Indonesia

It is quite sometimes that I watched any parody film like this. But to tell you the truth, it has been written well and superb cast by Deddy Mizwar, Rahaedjo Slamet and 3 other young actors and actress.

It is a story of Muluk, well educated young man. Graduate with master in management, but failed to find any job that suit to his qualification and ability in management. Accidentally meet with a young boy that work as pickpocket. This boy then brings Muluk to his headquarters and introduce to his boss and colleagues. Surprisingly, Muluk offer the outlaw society a management service to manage their activities, income and education. He also promises the boys one day, they will be able to upgrade their profession from pickpocket to entrepreneurs. As a return, Muluk will be pay with 10% of their income. So this strange mutual relationship begins.

Muluk invite his jobless friend Shamsul (Master in Education) to teach the boys basic things in education such as write and read, and on top of that, the importance of education. Muluk also invites jobless Pipit as a religion teacher to teach them right and wrong in life, so that they will become a better person.

This three young man and women work side by side for one objective, so that the outlaw boys will one day stop from pickpocket and earn pure (halal) money.

There are a lot of ironies being portray, at the same time still fun and funny to watch. Critics to politician, corruption, unequal distribution of wealth, education, management system, unemployment graduates, the future of young generation that has been left behind and too many to list, make this film worth to critics.

This film is parody because it will let the audience to question, will common values that been uphold by society still relevant, or we need new definition? Or there is nothing wrong with the values, only the government and society too blind to see that made bad things look good, and vice versa.

Will, its a mix feeling. But overall, ALNI is worth watching. You will enjoy with the movie and at the same time, being educate.


Jentayu said...

i super like this movie! :D

asal said...

yeah, me too. so much to think, only with one single film, left me in mix feeling.

My only hope, if there is hope, for all of them, to succeed.

If there is a pathway, a hand that can help them out. Because their heart is pure. They really wanted to lead decent life, but yet they live in corrupted world, so, what else can they do?

OMG, for every scene potray in this film, I've been touched.

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