Sunday, November 21, 2010

3 Idiots

It is a story of one man, Rancchonddas Shyamaldas Chanchad (Ranccho). No, I tell untruths to all of you. It can’t be yaar, the title is 3 (three) idiots how come is all about one person? To be frank, it is a story about campus life evolving around Ranccho with his sidekicks Raju and Farhan. They are ‘The 3 Idiots’ but the main focus is still Ranccho cast superbly by Amir Khan. Have I not told you? It is a Hindi film, sach, a Hindi film.

Well it is very interesting story, if not I’m not doing this. Writing a review for Hindi film (yucks), I may have a lot of guts right now (thinking of tonnes of criticism; well, I’m constantly against Hindi film). If you’re an engineering (or formerly), medical or University students, you will find this story is well connected to you.

Start with college registration, meeting with new friends, induction weeks (it sucks!) and the complexity of engineering modes of study, it has been portray well. To add misery to everything, over outstanding Principle (College Director), Viru Sastrabudhhe (Virus) which has one life principle “Life is a race, everybody live in a competition”.

Well if you want to read complete review for this film, search in the blog and internet. A lot of review has been made. But if you still want to hear from me, well, this is a film of:

Ali Setan (Malaysia) for mischievous college students but not focus so much in love story.

Mohabbatein (India) to change old tradition with new culture. The different in 3 Idiots, it has been captured in both tragedy and comedy. But clash between 3 Idiots and Virus are so hillarious, you’ll be laughing (a lots!) and sometimes break tears down too.

Dead Poet Society (Hollywood) for inspiring teachers and life should not be pre-design for children. They should find their own passion to make a living. They should be given chances to choose or else caught in commit stupidity (suicide).

But to me, 3 Idiots is a story about friendship. Ranccho who defies culture and family belief that deem education is a key for a good job. The essential to have a good job is to change family fate. That is the equation well known to the world;

College education = degree = good job = a good life and society respect

But Ranccho, well, he is different. So different from the world belief. Ranccho went to college just to study. Sirf, to study, gain knowledge, full stop. He never afraid to come last or too greedy to become first. Even college degree does not matter (alas he is top student, first in class every year). He believed that the most essential in study is to become self-sufficient. If you can’t get good job, create one. Make a living from your talent (the things that you you’re best at). If you get a job because your parent asked you to do, you will end treating your job as a game. But, if you do what you’re best at, or manipulating talent that has been install to you, you will do it as passion. You will live your life, you never dead because you will lead your life with happiness.

So, after four years in good friendship, only then Raju and Farhan understood what Ranccho was telling them all the time. Yeah, of course the understanding did not come cheap. Raju had broken most of his body and limb (because he had jumped from level 3 due to pressure from Virus). Farhan had a long dramatic conversation to convince his parent that his passion is not to become an engineer but wildlife photographer instead. Farhan quit engineering and become apprentice to well known wildlife photographer. Raju had defeated his fear concerning his family fate, bravely faced job interview and becoming a successful engineer himself.

Ranccho? I will save the best for last, and I will save it for you. I will not tell you about Ranccho, you have to find it by yourself.

Well what touch me most, 3 Idiots is about friendship. Most of us are either Raju or Farhan, but it is very rare occasion we find Ranccho in friendship. Watch this movie and think. How many times you meet Ranccho along the way?

You’re lucky when you find one.

Ranccho is kind of friend which will write his own destiny. To show the best way of living is to live in present. Not to live base on our past record and achievement. Not to fear of the future which are still beyond our grasp. But the trade which I envy most in Ranccho is the willingness to sacrifice all for friends. He will do the uncommon, unbelievable, impossible just to see smile on your face. He will do it, no doubt. And he will very proud to honour you as his friend. Ranccho will do it, believe me he won’t regret. Even they have lost contact for so many years; Ranccho will remember you with all of his heart. Missing you every day because you are dear and close to him. Because you are one part of him. No! Because you’re in him.

I’m lucky I’ve find my own Ranccho. During my study years, college stupidity, during my FCR classes, and now, I still have Ranccho (I’m working now) stand by my side. That’s how I see roads in front of me, not the common road but highway instead! With that, I can create my own road for others to see. If I’m lucky, someone will use it and I’m honour for that.

Aare? What? You still don’t have a friend like Ranccho? Accha, well don’t worry too much yaar, just say ‘allz is well’, InshaAllah, you will find your way.

Friend, be Ranccho yourself. Make a different now, yes, today! Make a different to yourself, family and friends. See the world as spread, not as a confined tunnel and road. World is round, not cubes. There are so much to explore. Live for today, live it in excitement. And see the world will change for you!
My selection actors: Amir Khan (Ranccho), Raju (who is he?), Farhan (who is he?), Virus (Irani) and 'Silencer' Chattur (who is he?). Good job guys, 3 Idiots will not be enough without all of you. Perfect recipe for a comedy & tragedy movie. Well cast!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


There is a person who constantly will give a big question mark inside my head every time I meet him. He is somebody, which in logical condition I’m not suit to be with him on the same floor, anyhow, anywhere, anytime. But yet, there will be one day you were given the opportunity to get close and personal. And that one day had happen.

My question is simple, “Why you’re still a hardworking man even though you have everything? Even others will get credit on that? Although you can sit, relax and enjoy the world but still you do things all out?”

The answer is simple. He said, “Footprint.”

“For every job and obligation you do, you will mark footprints. And the footprints are yours. It is not belong to anyone else. It belongs to you.”

“People can always trace back your work and give comment on that. But the most important thing is…”

“You can track back your footsteps. And by the time you do that, when you stand before your footprints, will you be proud or regret of it? That, you have to answer by yourself.”

“Mine, I prefer to be proud for every single step I stepped.”