Wednesday, January 16, 2013


They asked, “Is there any possibilities that person who failed subjects and extent semester eventually succeed in their life?”
I told them I’m your living proved. My mother was very ill during my first semester in my first year degree. I don’t want to come back to that time again, it was very painful yet they asked. The pain was not due to my mom condition, but to leave behind one semester back from all my friends that made my life so miserable and suffering. I asked for a semester break because I’m offering myself to take care of my mom.
That was the life with no friends and best friends, the time that I just don’t want to recall because it was too painful.   
But even so, I got through and He sent me a good friend to company me along the way.
One day, I know that I need to tell you that story, the complete version. One day perhaps.