Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Up High

When you are blamed for performance failure, what will you feel? Yes we need critiques to improve our self, but condemnation is something unbearable. Condemnation without data and evidence is more wounding.

As a responsible person we will ask, why and how that happen so that we can do some measure to rectify it back. We will do anything to make sure nothing like that will occur in the future. We ask for reason but we get none.

Action and event always speak louder than words. I don’t believe about that before but maybe I should believe it now.

We are feeder for a degree programme and yet when things get bad, they need a scapegoat. So I don’t have to explain, you know what will happen next.

But something happens which ease our ears that hear.

When the results been announced, there are six students that are honour with Vice Chancellor award. Four of them are from our institutions. Four out of six is more than 50%. Isn’t that too good to hear? Well I believe that we don’t have anything to regret and now we are enjoying the news.
Up high? That is the word to explain all!