Thursday, October 28, 2010


I never know when I consistently offer my prayer toward the well being of my teachers. Yes, you are true; I’m not a good person. It might come to your thought that I should pray to all my teachers as early as I know to pray right? You might want to ask, is there anybody teach me? To be frank, I’ve been taught about that long ago in class with proper text book to be precise. But it never comes to my conscience that the ritual of prayer for teacher is actually an obligation. As student you’re bind with that duty.

When I realised with the responsibility? When I found a great teacher, when he actually make me see to the magical world of knowledge (the specific word is ilmu) and what knowledge can offer you. It is unlimited worlds; even the sky will not be the limit!

I think that teacher will greatly glad if you consistently pray for them. But what really matter surprised me.

One evening when I actually encountered with a teacher, I asked him what your expectation to your students? To my surprise he answered, “I hope that all my students will sincere to knowledge.”

I was not satisfied, “what do you mean by sincere?”

“It is when they are truthful to themselves and not cheating during tests and exams.”
Well to that very moment a vibes came from nowhere.

“Is it that bad, I mean cheating?”

He smiled. “The truth is we don’t get knowledge for free. It is a tradition that has been passed through by generation. Of course we enhance and upgrade the knowledge, but still we cannot erase the fact that we actually inherit them from our teachers. Our teachers get them from their teachers. The chain will never break. And the knowledge is actually originated from sacred place and of course by the hard work of our ancestors.”

His answer made me remember one of my friend stories. She said that, there are very good teachers who actually strive for the well being of their students. They sacrifice a lot even when to design questions to test their students. They even wake up at night; perform qiamulail and solat istikharah (night prayer) in order to design the exams questions.

Why they willing to do that?

It is to ensure students will be blessed by the knowledge.


And one evening I saw a big billboard with the saying by Robert Maynard Hutchens, ‘the objective of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.’

I’ve found teachers that give me the life time education. Even through very simple words and sentences, they have helped me survive, Alhamdulillah. Their words echoes every now and since, even it has been years from my schooling days.

Maybe some of my teachers are teachers who wake up at night; performing ablution even the water is dreadfully cold, spent their 30 minutes and maybe hours in silent night for qiamulail and solat hajat, stretched out their hands and prayed for all of their heart for the well being of their students.

I’m indebted to them for the rest of my life. For that, my prayers will never enough to compensate their goodwill.

Somehow I know that, you too, have same great teachers. Honour them, so that their thought of YOU every night and every time when they pray will never left in vain.

Let their legacy of knowledge shine, like the brightest sun and stars in the universe!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I always amazed by my friend’s sensitivity. When there were times that thing get low, she will pop me with questions, are you OK. Or when time like this, my inbox full with questions, ‘are you in love?”

It is sometime hard to understand her. Somehow I feel that I’m wired to her. Of course that will be the imaginary cables. Anything that triggers me will trigger her, obviously seems like that. Can anyone tell me what kind of reaction called for?

I’m not in love if she ever buys that. But recently I’ve known the real meaning of love which results to the existing of this universe. Imagine that? Love is that big. But for majority of us, because it is too big, we failed to feel its existence.