Tuesday, June 14, 2011

helping others

I just learned from a respected scholar quoting Zig Ziglar, in order for you to succeed in everything you do and hope for, you need to help others. He means others not for a few people, but a lot of them.

He, well, a renown scholar which I recently met, a muslim but believing what Ziglar said as true word of wisdom and worth practising. Of course, seeing him in front of my eyes with list of achievement, awards, recognitions, iconic in his field, well, I really can't write all, as a living prove for what Ziglar actually mean.

Of course this best practices can be found in Muslim book of wisdom, Al Quran which requires us to do the same. Almost every verses related to solah (prayer) will be accompany with the act of giving to others.

'Aqimussolah wa itauzzakah'

I only read that verses as it's literal meaning. But when I can organized my thinking system, then I believe we should give to others as much as we perform solah.

Well, helping others is a big word for someone that only think for himself. Someone who seek for personal achievement rather than aiming for community to prosper.

I believe in Quranic verses. I see this scholar's pile up achievements and still increased every year. I know that he is not helping others to have want he want. He already have everything.

I'm thinking of myself, can I do the same?

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Cikli said...

kata ustaz hasrizal,"erti hidup pada memberi"