Sunday, July 12, 2009

L Change the World

I enjoying my weekend break by watching this movie during my leisure weekend. My brother does not encourage me to watch the movie. I do not know why, even though I get hooked with all the characters in the Death Note episodes especially with L, the most unimaginable hero character. He is the anti climax of a hero image.
My bro advised, before he hand over to me the L Save the World Movie, “Are you really want to watch this, don’t you think that you will be sad later. It is all about L and you know L will eventually die?”
Well, a movie is still a movie. If the movie is good it will be worth to watch it right, for whatever the outcome will be. Yes, surprisingly L is contra for what I’ve had watching Death Note 1 and Death Note 2. The plot is too predictable. It has been filming in conventional method of Hollywood style. The least I expected from Japanese movie. However it is good to see L in action, to see him having other faces as well. He as the center, not to be shared the spotlight with Kira in Death Note.
The movie started with an emotional drive, reflecting Watari’s death while helping L to solve for Death Note cases. The bond between L and Watari is not been exaggerating with flashback images. The relationship has been shown with very minimum image, but yet adequate enough to make audience to simulate their own imagination how Watari and L have developed the bond of Father and Son. Yup, having a genius son like L is not easy but Watari has raised L well to become a human, even L is not so human in character.
The issue is about unethical bunch of people who having the idea to save the Earth from destruction by the increasing number of human population on the Earth. This maniac and insane group have planned to spread a deathly virus to eliminate as much peoples as they can widespread the globe. So they can develop a harmony and well balance ecological environment between human and the Earth. So here comes L to save the world.
Yes, straight forward. The beauty of this film is about L. The philosophical aspect in this movie is about environment to human relationship, human to human relationship, the appreciation of life, and many more. Yes, again the beauty of this movie is about L. Who so ever have had watched Death Note 1 and Death Note 2 will have some attachment to the character. Having in mind that L will actually die anyway, make us wanted to know whether L, will ever smile?
True, my brother always knows that this is a movie that will carry my emotion away.
During the hardest time ever in my life, the movie doesn’t help me that much to ease the burden inside me. Well as L said to Near, “How talented you are, you alone can’t save the world”.
True, “We need ummah to do that L”.

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