Saturday, July 11, 2009

New Job

I've new job. An adviser. I hope I'm wise and knowledgeable enough to deliver this. Hope all the wisdom will eventually bestowed on me, whenever people seek for my advise. I know, I don't really even have the capacity but if people come and ask for help, I just can't ignore. Can I?
It is really a scary job I might say.
Hope to have brilliant and powerful brain like Yoda.
So what should I decide for evening break, Karipap or Bihun Sup?


Nur said...



excellent choice for a job!

miss u and ja! will come to jengka one day, at the moment, i havent but the sim card yet for the hphone, will contact you guys ASAp, meanwhile, take care!

ieka said...

awat conclusionnya mcm tak related je dgn topik? hahaha
Good luck to u. U are a good listener. Cumanya jadi advisor kena byk fikir kan.. nak kasi pandangan apa.. i think u can do it.. all the best :)

ASaL said...

eika - antara lain tugas seorang advisor, ialah menentukan apakah makanan paling sesuai untuk minum petang. He9x, sound weird ey, but life like that.

fakhzan - yeah can't wait for you to be here too.