Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Girl that Leap Through Time

I've heard a very big deal about this anime movie. My friend has asked me to watch it with patient. My brother asked my review on this. I don’t have time being engaged with movie right now, but yet I watched it twice. I watched this movie, with prejudice because I'm deeply in love with Gibli’s movies. There is no where I can review others as good as Gibli’s. Second, I watched it with my best friend the night before her birthday. This time around like a freshman with open mind.
MasyaAllah, that’s will be the word to describe this masterpiece of story telling.

What life will be, if we have the ability to leap through time?
From my point of view, this is the movie that sooth the eyes. It was beautifully been drawn and portrays. The pictures are breathtaking. I just can’t keep my eyes out of the frame. Nothing like Gibli’s at all. I’m glad I found the beauty in others movie as well. The story, well, it was seriously and critically been written. I might say, there is zero plot to be wasted in this movie even I’m pretty sure there have some that can be discussed in term of logical aspect. But till the end, the story teller will make sure everything will get connected in very smooth and clean scenes.
The story is about Makoto. She was accidentally been given with the ability to leap through time. Makoto is studying at high school therefore the conflict is built which focus on her. As a teenager, there is really not much to ask right? Funny but at the same time, bigger issue has been aroused. One of the themes is about teenager and their direction in life. Have they been thinking about it? Or they just let it passed with time?
Well, to reflects, I’m too think the same. Maybe I’m a little bit too late because I’m not a teenager anymore. But I’m thinking about all the kids and teenagers around me, and my kids in the future, should we discuss this important thing so they will be more directed? I think we should. If we don’t discuss it seriously with them at least we should play our role to show them the way. Make them believes to themselves, to make them feel confident that they are in the right track, make them know themselves and realized things, find the path that will suit them well, show them the right way so they will not regret, fight for dreams, pursue for love and happiness, speak out for the truth and act true.
Yes, those are my thoughts after I've finished the second round for this movie. I thought for opportunity. I thought about, if and only if I’ve a good advisor during I’ve been raised, will things change? If I was taught to believe in myself and fight for love, will I be someone else? Will I be happy then?
Well, of course you might ask me, do I regret the way how I’ve been raised?
The answer is no. Big NO. I’m totally blessed. There is nothing to be trade. There are lots of things that I’m grateful about and thank Him everyday. Alhamdulillah.
Makoto in the other hand, having the advantages to change things decided to used the ability with something that is not so important I might say. For example, she turn the clock back just because she really wanted to eat pudding. She even does that just to extend longer time for karaoke and a lot more.
Watching ‘The Girl that Leap Through Time’ is somewhat enjoy and fun, at the same time make me think.
For what ever happen to me especially during this turbulent time, having the ability to leap back in time will be precious. That is what I needed most really badly.
But even so, if I have the same opportunity like Makoto I will never leap through time. For what ever happen the most important to me is memory. I’m too afraid if I leap it will erase the best part in me. Or it will get worse, if decided to leap through time it will erase the memory in someone which has restored me, to be remember.
Well, leap through time, do you think it can happen in reality?

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