Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Inspired: Teacher which make a change

I was inspired with my brother’s story. Simple but yet refreshing. It is about on one lucky Friday, my brother encountered with his two junior from his former high school at his university. Seeing school boys with complete Malay uniform (with samping and songkok) he was overwhelm. Usually my brother will not start any conversation but not that day. He just broke the ice asking why they are here during that hour. The school students are actually paying their visit at the university because of their teacher. Not to have a long conversation with my brother, the boys pointing finger to their teacher.
So this is how the story started.
My brother assumed those boys are an excellent student therefore their teacher rewards them a visit to university. Surprisingly, the boys are at the last list because they actually do not do well in exams. It is the teacher initiative which brings them to the higher learning institution in order to motivate them. Perhaps they will reconsider and contemplate themselves, and then they will change for better.
I was mesmerized with the teacher effort and willingness to do more than ordinary. This is a teacher that worthy for solute and respect from all of us. Teacher which will act beyond boundary because they believe each student have unique quality, if we patient enough to nurture we will get an outstanding results.
Alhamdulillah, I pray to Allah blessed the teacher with boundless rizq and ilm’, strength and honor, beautiful heart here and hereafter. And I pray for my friend that will eventually becoming a school teacher soon. I have strong believe he will make a change, and will used his power to nurture and mould youngster in the right path. InsyaAllah.
The full story is here.
I believe this is a kind of teacher that will make an impact. I once have a Professor which is well known in my faculty and the engineering industry. He has chosen me to become his supervisee. I didn’t know what is Professor is all about. At that time there is only 2 Professors available. It is my honour he had chose me, I’m only a naïve undergraduate student then and he is A Professor. He taught me a lot. But he taught me the lesson that I will not forget, he said “Asal, when you want to do something, please refer to others’ works for the preliminary study than you will be guided”.
That is the lesson which is so simple but yet meaningful. And yet you’ll ask me for the significant.
Well, my supervisor has passed away long time ago. Maybe, I’m the last under graduate under his supervision. He died because of car accident at my faculty. Till the last breath he had served my institution. What a patriot.
That simple lesson is so significant. Why is that? It is because I still can hear his advised even he is actually being buried seven feet under. I’m always used his advised for everything I do. For my works, researches, art works, and even when I’m cooking. The advice is still significant, and I will ensure to the last breath I’m taking.
Both teachers (my brother case and my Professor) are an educator. To teach is not simply to display; it is to show the right things. Things that can be understand at the comprehension level of the students. They educate while being humble and trying at their very best to make students to understand. It is a lesson which can be sustained. This is what has been said, a knowledge that is benefited here and hereafter.
My respect is with both of these inspiring teachers.
O Allah blessed them with Your unlimited blessing.
Suddenly I remembered, Ubalighu walau ayat, convey knowledge even it is only one word!

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