Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Late Bloom

Are all of us is a late bloomer by default? What wrong with us, have our ancestors once upon a time after 1699 maybe, have been abducted by green alien. Then, the aliens did some genetic modification in our ancestors’ body and their nerves have been transformed, and here we are the late bloomers.

What is late bloomer? My terminology is originated from inspiring movie of Walt Disney called Mulan. When Mulan frustrated being rejected by the matchmaker (do you know matchmaker in Malay we call it as Telangkai?), her father consulted her not to be upset. There is nothing wrong with her; she is only a late bloomer. The analogy is to refer for a flower which is not bloom during it season, but her father convinced her it will be then, sooner or later. Despite bringing home son in law, Mulan surprised her father and family, she has the honored from the Emperor and save China!

My terminology of late bloomer is referring to somebody to find his/her place to be significant in society. In higher hierarchy, to be someone inspired by others. Are we like this all the time? Once we have Malays old folk story about Hang Nadim. This youngster is the one who help Temasik (Singapura) from the attack of sword fish. Remember? So we are not like this all the time.

Lately I was convinced by some of youngster to my surprised is unbelievable young achievers. Excellent in theirs’ field and at the same time other areas which is so alien to us for example philosophy, arts, the humanitarian movement and so on (don’t get me wrong, I’m still young but struggling to be in the same row with these young achievers). When I mentioned young, believe me, they are very young but matured enough to discuss the direction of higher learning education! Some of them now are fast climbing the elite rank in multinational company and some of them are the leading role in their area. There are superb talent and to me ultra man. With the young age they have make differences, what will them in the next 30 years to come. Subhanallah, have they inherit the talent from ancestors which escaped the green alien experiment?

Let me list for all of you, we have Ali bin Abi Talib first on the list for the young achievers. Have you heard that he take his oath to become a muslim willingly with his conscious thought at the age of 10? Does he not the first man after Rasulullah witness the Syahadatain? The one with the slogan Satyagraha, Mahatma Gandhi became a lawyer at the age of 21. Alexander the Great, conquered the world at the age of 30 and Usamah bin Zaid is the Army commander for the war we known as Sarriyah Usamah at the age of 18. If we say modern era have had help us to a better live it seems that it failed to do better job to make us better quality as human being.

But it is not all yet, it make us wonder in some part of the world, yeah currently, we are astonished to heard that the Persian at the age of 19 is one of the Professor rank at one of 30 person in world achievers!

What went wrong? Have you wondered?

To be truth, we can make a different. Should I interview them to share experiences, why they choose to appear differently? (in Malay: tampil berbeza).

I have my own critics and hopefully it going to be published soon.

For time being, I will try my best to not become too late bloomer, and at the same time if I can have apprentice which will not following my footsteps but will accelerate to become young achievers as well!

For young Phd. candidates don’t lose the will to excel, because you are the frontier of our nation new hope! Gambate kudasai.


cikli said...

Ramadhan karim,

maybe we r too stick to our 'S' curve with x-axis up to 65-75 years and decent height of y-axis.

anyway that sometimes makes some grown ups differ from a little baby. that is after 40 years they still suck.

ASaL said...

we have is history young achievers as well as individual that strive until death.
Rasulullah even at very close of his dismissal, at the age of 63, he mobilized an army for Sariyyah Usamah.
we have Ammar bin Yassir, very old at the age of 93 still fighting in a battle.
wonder, what went wrong to ours?

cikli said...

Malaysians still proud of (heavily used) pendita Zaaba name for that purpose.