Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Other - My Dreams

I write all my dreams here, to tell myself that I'm daring myself to dream again. I will write the reasons too, with God wills.

  • I want to own digital camera that complete enough to capture beautiful scenery, portrait, event, and emotion.
  • Travel around the world, to begin the tour will be Turkey - Europe - Palestine (Aqsa Mosque), and set foot in every soil in this world - of course Trans Siberia Route.
  • Should I, (I should) start to collect all soils around the world, label and write their description. Then, if I can access a good laboratory to record its chemical and mineral characteristic, log it, and make it as my own log.
  • I will use my pen name now, without any hesitation (Asal Turabiy) so I can remember my task to collect soil around the world.
  • Come back again to Mecca and Madinah, not to visit but to perform pilgrimage again and again.  
  • Understand the best knowledge is to experience with senses, physically, mentally and emotion - like what Dr. Rem said.
  • Complete my education to the highest level.
  • Share my possession (family, time, material gain, etc.) with those who are less fortunate. 
  • Write and share with passion and love.
  • Yeah, of course you, if God still allowing me to spare you.
  • My dreams is to manifest that I believe and have faith.
  • To glorify God, to speak only with His name, to feel with His beautiful attributes, to hear and see His creation
  • To set the same journey that previous scholar have done.
  • He is so Rich, the Richest of all, so I don't need to hesitate to ask.
  • Yes, to bring you along, if and only if, God's not forbid.
  • To be alive again, and again, and again.
 God please guide me, and grant my dreams. Amen.

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