Monday, October 29, 2012

The Other - Dream

I wonder when was the last time I dare to dream. It was long ago. There is one tradition in my culture; the title is Angan-angan Mat Jenin. This is the most sadist tradition that I ever recalled. The story is quite simple, one young man, Mat Jenin sett off his feet to go to work. He climbs coconut tree to pick up coconuts. While he is on the tree trunk, he starts to dream of his future; his bright future to be. The saddest part is he dies at the end of the story. He was drift with his day dreams, and forgets that he is on the coconut tree. He forgets to cling on, so he felt and die.   
I can’t recall when was the last time I’m brave enough to dream. To be sincere I don’t dream anymore, and to make things worst, I just don’t dare.
But I’m grateful that I have friends that keep their entire dream close to their heart. These kinds of friends are alive when ever I meet them, every time. I can see fire in their eyes. They make future happen in their head, mind and heart before it really happen.
I want to dream. I have all the reasons to dream. I want to see my future that is no limit. They say, we create our own story, don’t ever let others to take that from you.
I see you in my dreams. Don’t ever let me go. Guide me, whisper to my ears that this path is the path of truth. Strengthen my heart and faith. I don’t have anyone else.
Let me see the world. Let me write and capture the earth beauty. Let me see people and their live that are simple; yet promising. Let me tell stories. Let me dream again, and fulfill my dream.   

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