Saturday, September 5, 2009

Reviving the Hope!

It a long way. My friend said that my bridge span might longer than others. I'm thinking, will I see what are on the other side of the bridge? She then said, "InsyaAllah, just place you faith and trust. Right now, just drive on and enjoy the beautiful scenary and the mystery of colour blend that changed everyday!"

What my friend doesn't know, faith is something that can't enter heart just by saying, or by a good words, advise and reasoning. It might need interference from high above that allow you to have conviction on thing.

I learn to revive hope from the saying of Said Bediuzzaman An Nursi.

He is a scholar which is not familiar to me before, but an email change everything. I should consider Nursi's work to be one of my collection item. His famous work known as Rasail An Nur. Someday I will get it, InsyaAllah.

Only Allah knows, what Nursi's gone through in his life. He witness the collapsed of Ottoman Empire, see the rising secular state of Turkey lead by Attarturk. He also witnessed the rising of Zionist to reclaimed Israel and Jurussalem has been taken by the new order of crusaders. The words heartbroken will not suit for the devastating defeat of Islamic caliphate. The Islamic community back to that years never experienced a world without a leader. Islamic Leader which unite ummah together. Islam has been scattered to pieces. Nations are built base on national and race agenda, not for the religion and to uphold the Soveriegnity of Allah The All Mighty.

And we are now the results of the failure to uphold the true teaching of Islam.

Have Nursi loose hope then? No, in his heart he has the conviction that Islam will triumph over the decandent and despostic system which is now taking lead. Even he experienced the WWI and WWII where they have conclude it is the sun set of Islamic rulling. Even he see the ummah have weaken in every aspects of life including the faith in their own religion!

Nursi has never loose hope to see Islam will one day get back on track. He has the faith because it promised by God Himself.

In one occassion when a person told him, it is the end. "The Islamic world is all broken up and fragmented."

What Nursi said?

They are not gone. "They have gone to study. It is like this; India is an able son of Islam; it is studying in the high school of the British. Egypt is a clever son of Islam; it is taking lessons in the British school of civil servants. Caucasia and Turkestan are two valiant sons of Islam; they are trainning in the Russian war academy. And so on. You see, after these noble sons of Islam have received their diplomas each will lead a continent, and waving the banner of Islam, their just and mighty father on the horizons of perfection, they will proclaim the mystery of pre-eternal wisdom inherent in mankind in the view of pre-eternal devine determining and in the face of obstinate fate."

If Nursi live, he might be a Professor of Professors. He has the faith.

The bridge might be long, but it always has an end. I now know.

Nursi has the conviction, why not me?


ieka said...

kadang2 perjalanan jambatan yg panjang itu lebih membahagiakan dr jambatan yg pendek. Only God knows better.. because if we knew it, then there is no surprise in life.. we may have lost the enthusiasm and spirit to live anymore :)
all the best in your journey... be it while on the bridge or when u reach the end of the bridge (still there are roads after the bridge, right)

ASaL said...

yeah, now u make me realized!

thanx sis :)