Monday, August 31, 2009


I should not check for the schedule match in EPL. That a taboo to me, a bad luck for Arsenal and Wenger. Week before I was quite excited with the statistical data on EPL league. The Arsenal have score a big goal and qualified (defeated Celtic) for the next round for champion's league.
Then, I trangress the taboo. I've eager to look the next match for Arsenal.
It will be between Arsenal and the tradition enemy, Man U.
And I waited for the event to take place. I know this is taboo to me. To Arsenal as well. But the thing that has been done, it is imposible to undo. We are not computer right.
So that is it. Arsenal loose to Man U.
What dissapointed me, the last goal has been denied by the referree.
I, should not take a glance to the EPL schedule anymore.
Let Wenger handle everything. That will be fair.
Owh. Sigh.
p/s: The taboo is I can't have any feeling to follow up Arsenal progress in the league. If I try to catch thing up, the next thing will happen is, Arsenal will loose the match. This will be series of unforturnate event to Arsenal and Wenger. Mean that, it is forbidden for me, to even have feeling hoping Arsenal to win. So, big NO for any of football match! Weird? That's actually happen.


NorziatiMR said...

Bad start?

If you notice for the past few seasons, unknown club initially lead the game and stay on top. After a while, they unable to catch up with competition and start losing. It seems like other big teams 'hold' their strength at the beginning and 'eat them all' throughout the season.

Is it the only strategy to ensure their fan follows their team till the end? I dont know. Sometimes capitalist plays their role, here

My two cents :-)

ASaL said...

Well, if we try to look up the league crically of course we will find out something fishy here and there. Things that make your argument make sense.

It will very sad if EPL turning themselves similar like WWE. Fake and it is an act to entertain people. An act which did not bring anyone to anywhere. Yet people entertained! (but not me)

People who spend their time and money to catch with their progress actually been deceived. Thing which is you and I already know.

That what the capitalist want. Isn't it?