Friday, September 11, 2009


Most of us believe that lesson is the things that we can get from formal class. I'm too believe the same before, but for some years know it has changed.
Yes, teacher will teach us the way to solve problems in class. They show us how to do math, science, languange and the list is on.
True teacher to me, is the one that provide lesson to survive life and choose what is the best.
Of course we are aiming to become among those who are at the top, with flying colours and we get praise of it. I am too dreaming the same. Always strive to become one. But when the examination is over, the result came, that is. The role of teachers and me as students has ended there.
But now it different. I learn because there was a teacher that told me if you can't find the way out, please refer to someone expert which can show you the way out.
It different now because once a teacher told me that results isn't everything. It is the processes that you have learned. When you find your stand and method to eliminate or minimize error, than you work will be perfected.
It has changed since, when a teacher told me, that life is about to make a choice, and you are the one who will make it, the consequence is result from the act. You can't blame anyone for that.
I've got the different view, when a teacher told me, if you have strive hard, you give all the effort that you can give, you give it all, prayed and stedfast but still things have turn out bad. You have to take it as trials. Be patient and pray to have strong heart, because when you succeed you will get bounty beyond your imagination. You might not have it here, but the teacher told me, "I'm sure you will get it, There!"
Good results is one thing,
but the best is,
when you get lesson that help you get through life from it, wether it is good or vice versa!


Cikli said...

once in oxford, there was a saying...

the more you study, the more you learn,
the more you learn, the more you know,
the more you know, the more you forget,
the more you forget, the less you know,
so, why study ?

ASaL said...

it was totally anti climax Cikli. I get excited to read until the last sentence. Hahaha, :)

i should ask the sama question too. Why study?

Hans.Words said...

Agreed, why study?

Salam hari Raya.