Sunday, September 14, 2008

Iftar as Keramatian

It just discover recently. The Keramatian who have had live and brought up in Keramat have the same habits during iftar (breakfast), at least my family. We will gathered together in the same house for iftar. They are many others with different background. But the way they break their fast will be totally different. The Keramatian will take a plate, wait for the bubur lambuk to come, and pour as many as they can. So, they will eat bubur lambuk first before other dishes. What ever special dish have been serve on that day, the Keramatian will simply make the first attack on the bubur lambuk :)

Luckily, we have a mosque which is only 14 steps away.

And every day, murtabak is also a must.


cikli said...

bagai keramatian dgn bubur lambuknya.

di sini berbuka dipanggil sungkai. tapi sahur tak pula dipanggil bidor atau slim river.

ASaL said...

hahaha, sungguh kreatif.

sungkai bahasa sabah bah?