Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Pressure of Competition

The competition is mix between man and women, students and staffs. The arrangement is like this, first single (man), second single (women), first double (2 guys), second double (2 gals) and third double (2 guys). What happen that they have arranged me in second double (well don't expect anything from me, after many years I don't involve in any sport except the outdoor activities, without any training what they expect from me?). We have very strong single (man and women). So eventually they will win. But we don't have strong player for men doubles. So it will be like this, win, win, loose and the pressure is on us. Every time.
I told them that I'm willing to take any exams rather than to be pressured like this. What will you do, when they watched you closely, hope that you will win the game. You win, the team win. You loose, then the third double will not give you any hope of winning. Gosh, it really something. But when you have commit, what else you can do. Do the best, cross your finger, hoping that luck will accompany you all the way.
Alhamdulillah, we managed to find our way to semi final and triumphant to final. And the final, the scenario is not changed. We still the second double they hope to win the competition. Long hour play without training, I admit that I'm exhausted towards the final. Second place only, that is not bad ey.
I only play ping pong, not big deal, hehehe.

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