Thursday, December 6, 2012

Best friends?

++ I’m thinking whether we actually can have best friends ever in this life?

>> You must define first, the criteria of best friend?

++ Well, let me put it in very simple sentences. Always be there, willing to listen, listen sincerely, warm welcome, accept who you are, advise when you’re wrong, helping hand, share things if not everything, always have you in mind, pray for goodness and happiness, wellbeing, support what you do, believe in you, trustworthy, cherish the same value, encourage each other, have time, understanding, don’t break promises, love you.

>> Gosh, that too ideal! Don’t you think so?

++ Too much of asking?

>> Definitely dear. I’ll ask you one question.

++ Try me.

>> Do you have all criteria inside you?

++ Why?

>> Like attracts like. If you want that kind of best friend, you must have those qualities inside. Then you will attract like kind.

++ Then I don’t have any solution?

>> I think I can provide with you one. Listen to yourself, deep inside you. There are voices that always accompany you. Hear the voice, be friend with it. Definitely, that can be your best friend, at least suit with one of your long listing criteria which is-always be there.


ieka said...

i think the best thing to describe a best friend are you hugs, share things and secrets, willing to help, listen, wish the best.. but also fight over little things, quarrel some times, not agreed at most time, maybe having crush on the same person but then find other person to be with in the end (so that your bestfriend wont be sad? haha).. and then you still can talk to each other like nothing happened..

someone who is willing to accept the good and bad in you, and support you through that good and bad days.. the one that pop in your head whenever you feel like sharing your good moment or miserable days.. the different is.. they are mostly not family members nor they can be your spouse..

and if you choose no one but your own heart to be your bestfriend.. that describes you as a person with strong will and brave heart that needs no emotional attachment to people to survive.. :-)

ASaL said...

strangely, agree with you especially on the part quarrel over things, sometime thing that is so silly like, where and when we want to eat, or big things which we think that the world going to the end and never be friend again.

But at the end of the day, you will find, the same person that still in his/her place, never go anywhere because they believe in you, loyal, and you are worthy to be quarrel with, worthy to be together, worthy to grow old together.

Yeah true, always they are not our family members, not our spouse.

I think the person that can make his/her heart his/her best friend, because he/she have a lot of friends that suit to my criteria and your criteria. This person keep them inside and that make them strong and brave.

or else, he/she has SuperFriend, above of all that already make his/her life complete.

hehe, my 2 cents.