Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Secret of Friendship

I think a lot, what is friendship is all about. Is it our spause and companion? Sometimes we can't even understand them, yet alone to be our friend.

I see friendship emerge in just simple gesture, a smile. But of course a sincere smile. And grow in large scale when we can have conversation.

But nowadays, where we can get all the sincere smile? People will ask, "how you know they are sincere or not? Sincerity lies in the heart, you can't examine it, yet to measure it".

I will differ. Yes, you can identify it. You only need to be sincere yourself.

In Malay we called it as, "hanya jauhari yang mengenal manikam", but I do not know to translate it in English, quite lost in translation.

I made my day, when I see you smile. Yet, in this world of tribulation, wars, sectarian, division, doubt and hatred, there will be a lot of people hoping this world one day will embrace humility and justice.

Smile, because that is the only curve that can make a straight line simply, the same curve.

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