Sunday, January 15, 2012

dream or thinking

People are scare to dream especially we as Malay. They create a traditional story about Mat Jenin that died because he is dreaming while completing his job. This create a significant stigma in Malay culture thus we forget to dream.

To me, I'm too affected with this story but now I really believe that this story should be remove from Malay traditional literature, and create new one, we called as Dare to Dream.

If dream is not significant, why we found it as crucial discussion to remark the beginning of the journey of Nabi Yusuf.

When I was still in my school uniform, I met SN A Samad Said at A&W. Ok, to be fair, I saw him not actually meet. He was sitting on a table with a cup of drink. He was staring at empty space and sit there for hours. I was there of course to pack meal on my way back home from my boarding school. I was amazed of what his doing, not admire but think what was actually he doing. Killing time I presumed. My conclusion at that time, he must not have anything to do, that why he can just sit there.

Now, I'm a writer myself (self proclaimed) know that, it is crucial to dream or more intellectual term, thinking. And now, I have conviction that what ever you dream, you will get it in the future. No doubt. InsyaAllah, with Allah wills.

It is about 6 years ago I wrote about compost activities in one of my short story. That story won a place in 50th commeration of Malaysia independent day organized by DBP. When I was writing that piece, I only imagine how to do it. What will be the sequence of activities involved. I also imagine the odor and the sweat to complete the task. That was my dream.

Today I have the oppurtunity to materialized that dream. Instead of imagining, I do it by myself and experience things which before only appear in my head. It took me 6 years, but still I live to see the dream come true. The bad smell I imagine in my head, is now tangible. The natural ingredient to produce natural fertilizer composted with my very eyes. The compost can be used to my plants and benefit them fairly. And the sweat, that come out from my body, taking it toll. It is easier to write then to do it.

What is more important, my friend now thinking to make it as an academic research. Beautiful isn't it? Have a dream, and witness it to come true.

How about you? I know that somehow, what ever you have now, you must dream it before. Without you know it, it is now in your hand.

I must have had dream before, that one day I walk with you side by side and watch you smile.

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