Tuesday, November 9, 2010


There is a person who constantly will give a big question mark inside my head every time I meet him. He is somebody, which in logical condition I’m not suit to be with him on the same floor, anyhow, anywhere, anytime. But yet, there will be one day you were given the opportunity to get close and personal. And that one day had happen.

My question is simple, “Why you’re still a hardworking man even though you have everything? Even others will get credit on that? Although you can sit, relax and enjoy the world but still you do things all out?”

The answer is simple. He said, “Footprint.”

“For every job and obligation you do, you will mark footprints. And the footprints are yours. It is not belong to anyone else. It belongs to you.”

“People can always trace back your work and give comment on that. But the most important thing is…”

“You can track back your footsteps. And by the time you do that, when you stand before your footprints, will you be proud or regret of it? That, you have to answer by yourself.”

“Mine, I prefer to be proud for every single step I stepped.”


Jentayu said...

i never thought of this before. thanks for sharing! =)

ieka said...

like this...
so, how many footprints have you left at your work place and here? ;)

ASaL said...

jentayu - thanks back to you too :)

ieka - well, your footprints that show me the way to be here. Have you forget that?

Nagendra kumar said...

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