Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I always amazed by my friend’s sensitivity. When there were times that thing get low, she will pop me with questions, are you OK. Or when time like this, my inbox full with questions, ‘are you in love?”

It is sometime hard to understand her. Somehow I feel that I’m wired to her. Of course that will be the imaginary cables. Anything that triggers me will trigger her, obviously seems like that. Can anyone tell me what kind of reaction called for?

I’m not in love if she ever buys that. But recently I’ve known the real meaning of love which results to the existing of this universe. Imagine that? Love is that big. But for majority of us, because it is too big, we failed to feel its existence.


Nur said...

I am not buying it, you know I'm not.

Yes, sometimes I can feel your emotions, isn't that amazing? Even though it may not accurate, but in general I could really feel it...masyaAllah...subhanAllah..

Alah sis, malu2 la plak, cer cerita...ekekkekeke...

ieka said...

would you like to hear about love or science? ahhaha
theoretically in love, people said that when two hearts are close enough, they can feel each other.. because they remembering each other and talk through hearts.

another theory on science said that we release wave ourselves. that is why when the wave is on the right channel, our mind catch the message and we can translate what's on the other people mind.

out of curiosity, the wave does not seem to be disrupted by the geographical length, the bad weather or the different latitude of height..

oh.i guess that must be part of the Love given to the universe that connect each other.. heheh

p/s: tiba2 teringat cerita avatar.. they were connected to each other through that 'live' hair hehhe

ASaL said...

:) always lucky to have u here.
the other definition of love?

what about all of this question:
a. does wave affected with time
b. does wave affected with space
c. how can the wave find the right channel? (huhu, think about this, i might think wave should be stamp with proper address, or else, it will be send to wrong person, LOL)

which then required us to answer, can love still be there without the physical present?

does the two people need to realise this, only then LOVE can happen?

think about AVATAR, the definition of connection will be lesser than us human being can do. we don't need the 'hair' right to stay connected? we just need to be 'on-line' :)

asal said...

just believe it (that i'm not), then your soul will have peace :p

somehow, i manage to reflect that, people will be lucky for what ever come and go, as long they once, feel love or in love. and that is just enough to help them survive.

(wow, this LOVe thing talking, will never end until the end of time)

ASaL said...

ieka: owh I almost forget. For all peoples I know, your waves resonate constantly. Is it science or conscience?

ieka said...

wow.. based on the problem statements given, guess i can make another thesis and get certified on psychological field next :P.

well.. if you are talking about IT thingy, even when we send our email it will be divided into small pockets/packets (forget the term). these packets will move together through 'online road' to the intended recipient. at the door of the person's email, all packets will gather back into one. somehow, some packets may distorted along the way to other road and that is when you have to wait quite sometimes before the lost packets found it way back to the group.

wave is a kind of energy, isnt it? and as we know energy cannot be abolished but can be transformed. so, perhaps that is why harry potter can feels his mother's love even when she is death.. err..kinda loss my words by now.. hahaha

and your last question.. err if a question can be answered with a question too, do you remembering me often too? :P hahaha

ASaL said...

wah, this thing is getting more interesting :)
yeah why not for another thesis, or should we create anti-thesis to explore the unexplore?

yeah, the IT thing is definitely simplest explanation for addressing wave to right recipient right? How can people deny, when we send an email, we are not sending wave? It's a wave transmission right? And what so magical about email, it's wave that we can understand, because it can be translated into visible characters: words and sentences!

Then tell me ieka, how about when we received email, or read somethings (like blog entry, novel, short story, etc.), when the writing was written in full emotion, we can somehow or rather feel what the writers feel? How can we do that? I mean feel that?

The email: is wave?
The emotion: is wave?
The tagline: Read between the lines
can we change to: Feel between the lines?

yeah, i believe in physics. Wave (energy) cannot be abolished but it can be transformed. I believe in Harry Potter too (haha, seem lost too).

That's why LOVE will remain as LOVE. It also can transformed to another feeling as well. But once you have had LOVE someone, the wave resonates in the universe. Can it be demolished? No. It only can transform. When you change. When he/she change it. Am I right?

Well ieka the last question will be answer with question too: what do you think? (if you can answer this, you experiment with wave is: SUCCESS!) ;p

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