Sunday, April 4, 2010

Honesty 2

Is it very hard to be honest this day?
Will honesty bring harm to person who want to engage with this moral attitudes?
Being honest, while others are not is suffering. To witness colleagues score in tests and exams with flying colour eventhough they don't deserve it is annoying.

So will those who honest will remain honest?

My friend always remind her students to think twice if they have guts to cheat. They get marks for the effort which they don't even do. In economic practice it is kind of riba' (rasuah) or in English term they call as usury.

What is riba' then?
Riba' is an act of sins, in Islamic tradition the sin has been group into 10 biggest sins.

But will people listen to this? No, they will not, because everybody in this whole world involve in riba' whether they realise about it or not.

But to think you will make a living from immoral act is kinda scary. To think you will give your wife and kids from your earning, that is nightmare.

I always reflect to elders whom have been given good life and happiness. They are not rich, but they live in traquility. Their children and grandchildren do well in their life. When I do simple research on how they can manage this, the keyword is to earn money from righful source. In Islam, rezeki yang halal.

Rezeki nowadays, that form your blood, circulate throughout veins and organs are not halal anymore. When there are a lot of news regarding abandon baby, that is actually curse to our society. When peoples are killed, rob and all of the misery that happen without we can ensure when all of this will end, that too is a curse. Why this happen? Because people now live from rezeki which is haraam.

My respected friend always regard cheating is an unmoral act. She condemn the act and to all who are please with it and consistently repeat the same act.

And she is a teacher.

To me, condemnation is justify to those who commit with this sin. The worst is yet to come when they give money from their earning to their parents, wife, children and family. The earning is not halal (if they fail to repent). They will be condemn by for those who strive with sincerity. The worst of all, they will be condemn by their teachers. Their teachers will not pray for them, will not please with them, will not approve their knowledge to them.

We need a better society to live in. You need a better society for your children and grandchildren to live in. To start, be sincere to yourself, friends and your teachers. That will bring justice to all.

Don't even talk about how bad the world you live in right now, if you just can't be sincere to yourself.

Don't let your teacher condemn you, you will never succeed, here and hereafter.

The worst, don't let you future wife and childrens condemn you, for the reasons they don't know, but you on the other hand knew it very well.

Just be honest.

(gambar diambil dari warung diskusi, Diskopi)


ieka said...

this post reminds me of one story i heard from an Al-Azhar student back then during my visit there. He told our delegation that their teachers always tell them in classes not to cheat, as they derived their final exam questions based on istikharah. The best part is during the exam no one is supervising them, except he will comes once in a while. He said that so far those who is trying to cheat being caught in a way that people will wonder.. the exam supervisor will comes in, look around and call any suspected name and when seeing their paper they know that person is cheating..

this case also happen during my uni time when everyone (or most people around me in front of the exam hall) was talking about the 'soalan dan jawapan bocor'. of course that subject is soo attractive and we have the tendency to peek on the paper but some how i managed to convince myself to just relax as i have done my best to prepare for the exam.. what happen next? those who read the question and answer goes blank in the exam hall, went out even earlier with more blanks on answer sheet and alHamdulillah i did well.

guess those who did it actually not ready (forget to make themselves ready/procrastinate to ready) but afraid to face themselves failure. :)

ASaL said...

we all face it dear.

Even during my secondary school. The temptation is too high, sometime comes from the invigilators themself.

To be honest simply like being in a war zone, the only enemy is yourself. If you can't bare the temptation, you have been defeated by your ownself. What a pity!

I'm delighted by your story, how teachers can possess that kind of intuition skills (bless?). Maybe they are sincere enough to deliver their knowledge so that they gain magical power. Amazing!

To me, everything has price. When you involve in this immoral activity, you have put price on yourself, the lowest one.

Satisfaction only come when, you get things equally to the effort you put in. Nothing else matters. That the only way, you can evaluate yourself. If you good, your deserve it. If not, there are always chances to rectify, and make it even better.

And when you succeed, you will satisfy your ownself to the core!

No regret!

Thanx Eika for sharing, missing you already.

Cikli said...

sikap takutkan peperiksaan menjadi puncanya.

ASaL said...

kita takut sebab tak cukup bersedia.
Cam tu le jugak, gamoknya kalu ditakdirkan mati.
Kalu tak bersedia, gane gayanye.

ieka said...

:) Missing to talk to you too.. come back here, wangsa maju will welcomes you with open hands as well.. hehe

talked about mati/death.. ada byk kupasannya.. depends on what u look after mati.. either pengumpul pahala terbanyak <--ada ke eh kategori ni? (pakai baju bila org lain bogel bwh matahari sebab buat itu dan ini bla bla bla), persimpangan dilema (syurga atau neraka), the wealth planning and happy retirees (bersenang lenang di syurga selepas bersusah payah di dunia), socialist (berjumpa dgn ramai org yang disebut i.e. org2 muslimin, muslimat, jihad fisabilillah, nabi2, rasul2, malaikat, bidadari, turun naik antara tingkat2 syurga) etc.. etc..

you know what you want.. you no longer think that 'mati' means the end.. it is actually a begining.. :D

nak discuss lanjut? meh singgah wangsa maju :p

ASaL said...

your bait is alluring, insyaAllah, if Allah's will i'll be at wangsa maju.

to be able to contemplate that, one's must have iman and have conviction on death and life after death.

nowadays, when we warn them about the rewards and punishments after death, they simply comment, 'safe your words, because most of these teenagers do not believe anymore'.

Astagfirullah, have atheist ideology and concept have invaded their mind and soul?

that is the dilema.