Friday, March 26, 2010

People ask me, why I just don't write things that closer to my heart and my life. I said, I just don't, simply because the are a lot of sadness that resided there. And it just won't help, if my brother read and witness my broken heart, alas weaknesses inside me.
So, I decided to keep smiling, while the tear falling secretly. Yes, I have decided.
I have only one brother, my precious, which will not fail from my rememberance and dua'. He too, despite his young age, experiences the saddest experiences in our life, the loosing of our love one(s). Not one, but one by one, even we still need their accompany and advises.
I just keep praying he will not always have to stand the heartache watching things falling, but life simply not always be what we always wanted them to be.
But I can't tell him that right? I should always tell him that this life is full of hope. When the night came, it will always have a new day. When it rain, the sunshine will appear and bring along the rainbows.
But I always wanted to tell him one thing.
I will tell him to love. To always keep it in mind, in his heart. So that he will always see life in colours and soothing symphony. Even that love betrays, don't make yourself drowned. But find ways to float again and again. One day, you will find the ultimate love. Then you will thankful for what ever happen to you, because everything will be counted.
And that counting will not betray you.
Just be thankfull and redha, insyaAllah, the happiness is there.

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