Monday, February 22, 2010

Weather report

Nowadays, things get me confused. We having this hot and dry weather, but in the other hands Indonesia and Portugal experiencing heavy flood which appear like tsunami.
What happen to the earth?
Is there something that we need to know, or they keep silent to avoid panic?
(huhu, more like 2012 movie ey?)
p/s: I'm getting severe headache and abnormalities due to this hot & dry climate. Is it OK?


ieka said...

u are not along.. me and my hubby also felt the same.. even the little one seems not comfortable.. i just recovered from flu, my daughter from flu and cough and now husband has cough and almost-daily headache :) betullah.. nak keluar tgh panas elok la ada payung yg ada lapis UV dlm dia.. minum air kosong byk2 dan makanlah agar2, boleh buat sejukkan badan juga.

Kalau kepala rasa sakit teruk sgt, amik beberapa ketul ais dan campur dgn secedok air (atau air direct dari peti ais) lalukan sikit demi sikit dekat kepala.. bungkus kepala dgn tuala and rehat. inshaAllah ok.. :)

ieka said...

ops.. alone i mean.. the accidental 'g' has nothing to do with an eastern coast state. hahah typo typo..

ASaL said...

haha, i'm thinking that you're now belonging to that eastern region.

yeah, i just can't even stay more than 30 minutes at open area, even shades will not help much.

one night, the heat keep rising which avoid me to sleep, i go to the toilet, wash my head, just then i can keep my eyes close with ease.

take sis, for the whole family, i pray for you and your family recovery, soong (haha, the slang, purposely done)