Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dare to be a contrarian?

Would you dare to be a contrarian?

When peoples have change their cars to Class C, would you mind to drive Israwa instead?
When the youngsters proud with their power bikes, do you have guts to cycle to school?

Dare to be different?

You will see from different angle and you'll see a different look from others eyes.

That's guts to me.


Aderi Aryasu said...

Thanx 4 this post... really7x inspiring me. because actually i'm almost losing my faith to do so. only then, unexpected event from unexpected person came back into my life and I gain back that spirit. I'm not yet ride the bicycle to the fac, i'm not ready. InsyaAllah tomorrow will be my grand day. Even if it is a usual day for others, it is actually my GRAND DAY. Pray for me to get a big heart.

Hans.Words said...

don't use bicycle .. nanti kne langgar lorry .. and become history ..

I travel using submarine these days.. sometimes I tersangkut sbb a lot of people buang sampah dalam sungai ..

ASaL said...

How can u travel using submarines, but still tersangkut by sampah saraps?
Your sub should sink, not float to the surface. :)

ASaL said...

well, hoping we can ride side by side, or should I just follow you one day.