Sunday, November 8, 2009

Civil boys to laugh at

Caution: this might be hilarious to the engineers.
In design class, the objective is to construct multi storey building.
Teacher: Tell me what is imposed load?
Student: A moving load.
Teacher: Good. Can you give an example for that?
Student: A mouse.
Teacher: (haruskah aku lempang budak ini atau kucampakkan juga keluar tingkap.) A mouse?


ieka said...

bukan budak civil, agaknye tu la kurang faham sket.. ehehe :D

Hans.Words said...

Lol .. mouse can be considered as imposed load (for example 200 mouses) or Mickey Mouse currently shooting a Mickey Mouse shows as per Disney channel. If building collapse due that load (running Mickey Mouse) engineer can be sued for negligance. Keh Keh Keh. Lompang ajo budak tu.

ASaL said...

Hans-you get it right? its ok if they say, imposed load are three 'mouseketeers' practicing sword. But a mouse? 'A' mouse, can u imagine.

ieka-well teaching like that.