Saturday, October 31, 2009

Papadom – A Spice Cracker in its own Class

gambar dari aderi
Well, I will say this is third Malay movie I’ve watched on the big screen. The first is Cinta, second Jangan Tegur and then Papadom. I’m a liltle bit choosy in term to spend my money to watch a movie. I’m too easy to get frustrated on whatever the production offer, unless if there is special menu on the table. I'm more selective to give review on products, especially movies.

In the other hand Papadom is different, Papadom have that special menu.

Papadom in its literal meaning, is a special cracker (keropok) which is made to complete the recipe of Nasi Beriani or Nasi Kandar. Experience to taste papadom is quite different from other crackers. We have Keropok Ikan, Udang, Lekor and the list goes on, but all these keropoks are food of its own. You can eat them like junk food (if this suit to deliberate its meaning), you can always eat them as separate item. Unlike papadom, the thrill eating them only exists when you eat them with Nasi Beriani or Nasi Kandar.

But Papadom as a movie has something else to offer. It is a story of tragedies that have been written in hilarious way, which will ensure you laugh with tears (of course if you can understand Bahasa well and you are part of Malaysian culture). The movie reminds me of The Beautiful Life (winner as the foreign film at Oscar). Rewrititing tragedy from different angle and views. What Afdlin can do, which neither Apek nor Nabil can’t do is to invite the audience for sincere cheerfulness. Afdlin in his consistent character, which her daughter called her Papa Dom (his character name is Saadom) is an anxious father that worries for her daughter too much. In fact excessively agonize.

The story only begins when his wife died in an accident. Dom feels responsible to take care for their only daughter. Dom actually felt guilty because before the accident, he was too busy taking care of business (Nasi Kandar and papadom of course). His wife accused him as irresponsible father and take things for granted. Then, when there are just the two of them remain in the family, Dom changed. He changed 180 degree. He was there next to his daughter everywhere and anywhere. The real problem aroused when his daughter wanted to further study at Selangor not at Penang. Separation means the whole lot for Dom, or its mean doom for Dom. Her daughter gives him one condition, not to visit her at university at all. Dom agreed but instead he applies a job as gardener at the University (of course he keep this secret from his daughter) to watch her close and personal. That the main frame of the story. Easy? Yeah quite easy.

In many way I would say this film is still a typical Malay film (even they promoting 1Malaysia idea in it), but seriously hilarious. Next Yasmin Ahmad ey Afdlin? I would stay away from discussing moral and the ideal Malay film that I would like to watch on the big screen. From the moment, Papadom is OK caused I don’t feel frustrated when I’m out from the theater. Well, there are few, but just keep silent for the moment.

I’m hoping Papadom is an original idea from Afdlin and the team. So this will make the film special. But when I stepped out from the room, a comic strip kept flashing on my mind. I knew that I’ve gone through something like Papadom before but I just can’t remember. It might be from Kreko or Gempak, some sort comic magazines. Then the visual getting clear, the idea is nearly similar like Chocolate (a comic from Kreko I guest). But, hey, what the heck. I’ve watched Papadom and I really enjoy it! So, what keep you still?

Go to the nearest cinema, let find out how Afdlin Shauki can make you laugh. Well in fact, this is the month of Oktober, to me, I need a lot of laughing pills (a lot of) to make me smile again.

Now, lets move babeh.

p/s: owh, I'm the only one giving Papadom applause at the end of the show. (well what to do, we Malaysian are not custom to show our appreciation. If I watch Papadom with my bro, will he give the remarks too? Well, what say you bro?)

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