Monday, October 12, 2009

Gift of Life

There are a lot of people I met, taught me things.
But there are few that touched and inspired me along the way.
There is a sister, which is so close to me that in a way want to share everything, her ups and downs in life. Instead, she taught me everything. Maybe, she is the sister that Allah gave to keep me company for the lost of my own. Because He always knows that I’m not that strong as they see me.
I admire her in many ways. Her patient, persistent, strength, passionate and unconditional loves for all that evolve around her. In my eyes, she have done it par excellent as what a contemporary women can do. She is a mother, a worker, a wife, a friend, a sister and you name it. She has fulfilled with grace and tenderness. I don't know if I get the oppurtunity, I can do the same.
But one thing that inspired me most, her sincerity. Her sincerity towards Allah is the drive, so she moves on every single day without showing any sign of tiredness. Although she suffers when her prayers has not yet granted, but she never stop praying. Instead, she always has the smile that will make me smile too. Like sunshine for every single day, even it rain the sun still there to shine.
But I’m the one that have been exhausted all this while. Am I not sincere enough?
She is the servant of God, a miraculous being that has been destined to me as an acquaintance to learn on how a servant should be and behave.
I watched her everyday with envy and at the same time love.
Yes, I love her no doubt. I know, she loves me like a sister loves her own sibling. What is most rewarding, she trust me undeniably. That is a wonderful feeling especially to be trust from a person like her.
I hope her prayers will be granted soon. Everyday she will remind me to pray for her. Surprisingly, she never escapes from my thought especially when I take my time to pray. Even, I’m an absentminded person.
She is a gift, at the beginning Allah sends me here. As He always knows what my future will be and what are the absences that will meet me.
I hope I can understand. I hope He will make me understand. These are His promises.
Then I will find my path.
I hope you too will meet a friend which can teach so many things, especially to survive a game that we call life :)


shazleen said...

wah...nice and sweet posting...excellent writer u are..:)

ASaL said...

thanx. but i'm still learning. care to teach and share? :)

nice having u here.