Saturday, June 27, 2009

I never knew

I never knew what it is feel, when you witnessed a body lying at the road side, covered with 'kain pelikat' with a lot of people watching with interest.

I never knew what it is feel when you was the one inside the car, slowed to catch up with the concerned Malaysia watching the stiff body.

I never knew how long the image will sustained in you cell called memory.

I never knew what it's feel, when you finally reached home people gathered with sorrow. At your own house, but still you knew nothing.

I never knew what is the feeling, when only then you learn the lying body was your only son.

And the 'kain pelikat' was belong to his godfather which is your own good neighbour.

I never knew the grief, the sorrow, the emptiness.

I never knew how hard, but then I knew then, when the mother of the lying body followed him into the graveyard, less than a year.

But I knew what is sorrow, grief and tears.

And I knew what is heartache and emptiness.

1 comment:

Nur said...

you knew already?

I'm yet to know...