Monday, June 8, 2009

Angels & Demons

Dan Brown must be obnoxious to the very foundation of Christianity when he dares to publish his books both in: Da Vincci Code and Angels and Demons. He used realism in his creative works which make it more daring and open for critics. Which make the Christians mad and angry.
So what make Dan Brown then, an angel or the devil himself?

Yeah, me, totally depend on the movie to understand the issue. To be frank, I never read Dan Brown novels. But both of the movies, loved it! Not conventional Hollywood movie, well some part of it. It makes me to watch Da Vincci Code more than 5 times to understand the whole issues. But the story is quite direct I pressumed. The issues of Holy Grail, Council of Nicea, the battle between Christianity and Pagan (Rome), either Jesus man or divine, Leonardo works, The Knight Templer and so on that make me stumble at one moment. Of course all of the issues is not really new to me (as there is a time I constantly read Ahmad Deedat's, Freemason) but the way how director put all in motion picture make me amaze for a while.

Second movie, Angels & Demons, is quite frustrating. Even there are twist here and there which stuck my eyes to the wide screen, but it is not as I expected such in Da Vincci Code. But to be in Vatican City, with the event of Pope dismissal, how they elect new Pope as a replacement, the corruption within the robe in the name of religion and Jesus, the facinating ancient manuscript in the most protective library (event this is an imaginary, it still alluring) that, make me amazed. In Da Vinci Code, Prof Langdon has worthy opponent, his colleague, his mentor and teacher. So the intelectual debate is fresh rather than to focus only on one opinion.

My drive to both pictures (movies) is the devotion of the Symbologist, Dr Robert Langdon to his research and work. To search for the truth or simply for the academic proposes? It is clear, Langdon do not have a stand, unless if he is an atheist. Being an atheist to me is not a stand either. This will conclude the character (Langdon) is not strong as people believe he is. Even he speak the bitter part in the very foundation of European and Western religion worldview, Christian but he does not provide us with alternative right? So, what is truth then?

I strongly believe, truth is out there. As my friend Eduardo from Italy believes.

I really keen to the symbologist as a main character in a film. It quite strange then, how he would analyze all the symbols and believe it as true? As all of the sources are doubtable.

But me myself believe in symbols, as God sometime Speaks by using this code. Not to hide things, but to reveal and manifest at the foundation of the absolute truth. But at the moment I just can't compose anything yet, its all mix up.


ieka said...

cerita dan brown mmg keliru sket bila masuk bab2 itu semua... tapi rasanya tgk movie lebih mengelirukan dr baca buku... i read both da vinci code and angels and demons..the main attraction in both books i guess based on the puzzle after puzzle that they need to solve to get the answer.. more like a treasure hunt, perhaps?

so.. if u want to feel part of the story, try to look which one is the hint for the next level..

rasanya dlm movie tak byk highlights sgt about this, sbb tu ada rasa kurang best berbanding buku :)

ASaL said...

hehehe, believe it or not, i'm trying to feel the trill finding piece of puzzles here and there in a game. There a game that used the same title, Da Vincci Code, which require us to squeeze every inch of our intelectual dignity to solve the puzzle. Not to mention, the cryptex and so much more are there.

The endurance felt more painful with the limited time to solve the puzzles. But I quit, I don't have the brain of Prof. Robert Langdon I say. Leave it to the expert (gamers of course). I'm not one of them (anymore :p)

Eika, you know how lousy I'm when it's come to English novels (hahaha).

Anonymous said...

i think the movie highly interesting n challenge your mind of what happen next..something different..try to watch State of Play cast by ben Affleck n Russell ideal thriller for those seeking for real truth..

ASaL said...

well I hope there is a movie store, which require a phone call or a message, then the movie will be already for you. Sadly to say, I dunno how to download movie from Torent ;p