Wednesday, July 30, 2008

76 years and 4 years after dismissal

Allahumma solli a'la Muhammad, wa a'la alihi kulli ajmain. Solawat.

76 years and 4 years after his dismissal, it is a point to ponder, contemplate what we have doing so far. Have we prayed for him enough, or we just assuming that we have prayed for him everyday. He should be in his 76 year this year, on 28th July 2008. Our father with so much respect and what we have inside are the traits from his struggling and from Allah's mercy.
What I have learned much from him, was, a man should be a man. The one who is responsible for the well of the family member. Not just yet, he assuring that his family deserve what the best, not only in material gain, but as much as in spiritual and mental. His number one priority was education, both in secular and religious.
He was the man which is honest with his job. Embracing the portfolio with all of his heart, come what may. He might be the most honest, only then people take advantage on him. And as far as I'm concern, I'm now in his sunnah (pathway).
He, somehow can forecast the future far beyond our comprehension. If not him, I'm might be end up as an accountant, or religious teacher, not be able to know the best trade in me. Thanks to him, to be so strict, so that, I know where I should put my feet and be thankful for what I'm.
76 years and 4 years after his dismissal, and I miss him so much.


ieka said...

Salam buat As..
Happy belated birthday. May Allah bless you always. Tetap di jalanNya, dan selalu diberi Ilham olehNya.. dah beberapa kali cuba isi kat comment tapi problem network tak boleh. :)

Aderi Aryasu said...

Hurm... belek2 post lame k ju.
Indah sungguh k ju dpt dibimbing oleh ayahanda. kini saya dibimbing oleh orang yang telah dibimbing oleh ayahanda. cuma, saya separuh jalan saja. kelihatan seperti mengingkari atau menyimpang dari kehendak ayahanda yang tidak lagi mahu anaknya menjadi engineer, kemahuannya untuk melihat seorang menjadi doktor ataupun peguam. tapi saya dah cuba, rasa saya, tidaklah besar mana salah ini. ampunkanlah wahai ayah.